Anita Jung's works of art are semi-autobiographical deriving their narratives from the everyday.
She is particularly interested in materials that transform the mundane into something
special that produces a feeling of the familiar but becomes disorienting,
a displacement of mind/body and time. 

She is interested in aspects of the ephemeral, the overlooked, the discarded, the backgrounds of
our lives. Through exploring this aspect of the domestic sphere, the manifestation of nostalgia
and longing come into focus only to re-dissolve into abstraction. They remain intangible, allusive
and fleeting, yet incessantly present.

                         Ten Thousand Whisperin', 48" x 31.5" 2011                                        t's a Hard Rain a-Gonna Fall, 48" x 31" 2011


"Secret Histories 11"         mixed media on paper, 30"x 20"    2002

Anita Jung is an associate professor at the University of Iowa. She previously taught printmaking, drawing and installation courses at Illinois State University, Ohio University and University of Tennessee. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University where she majored in painting + drawing. The Master of Fine Arts was awarded to her from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she worked with Bill Weegee as a printer at Off Jones Road and Tandem Press. She has been involved with MAPC and SGC for many years as a participant, officer and host. She has also participated in the international IMPACT conferences in Posnan, Berlin and Tallinn. In 2005, she had a residency at the renowned Proyecto'ace atelier in Buenos Aires, Argentina where the work and exhibition Cuentos de Hadas (Fairytale) took place. Her works of art have been exhibited throughout the United States in juried, invitational and solo exhibitions.